The things I think about, sometimes.

While driving down to Gilroy, taking some out of town visitors to the Gilroy Outlet malls because that’s where they wanted to go, and listening to the “3+ stars rated songs” on the iPod, I remembered a line from some Tolkien novel I read long, long ago. Since I’m terrible with quotes, and am probably misremembering it, I’ll paraphrase: “And so came to an end the age of the Elves and began the age of Man.” It’s near the end of the third book, the last book, after the bad guy has been defeated, and the hero has been crowned king, and the hobbits find their way back to their homes.

Which, assuming that I’m actually remembering the quote somewhat accurately, and given that it’s been years since I read it, an that I’m really remembering the first time I read it, back when I was probably about 14, so that it made more of an impression on me than it would not ( although, again, if I’m remembering it at all correctly ) is still one heck of a line.

And, the reason it came to me, while heading to what was to be a somewhat boring afternoon, is that coming on about the 1,000th page of a long, intricate adventure where stuff has happened and ( worse ) where lots of stuff hasn’t happened in between all of the stuff occasionally happening, was that at the time it surprised me because, up till then, the elves had been pretty kick ass. Sure, there was too much poetry and “Go here and tell this.”, and back and forth, but you wouldn’t want to fuck with the elves because they had power and abilities beyond those of the average folk. Among other things, they were pretty much immortal, so they could take their time before screwing you over completely.

And yet, it was the end. Sure, they didn’t really know it. Not yet; at least for lots of them. The upper level ones knew, and the rest were slowly coming to the realization that the world had moved on past them, and what awaited each of them was a trip on a boat to the lands over the sea to the east — to their deaths, essentially.

So, why do I mention this? Suddenly it occurred to me that maybe this is exactly where the USA is today — on top of the world, don’t fuck with us for a long time, and then… well, its over, save for the cleaning up and packing of the bags. It’s someone else’s turn.

And, if the age of the Elves is past, whose age is it now?