Free Books. I should read some of these.

But, I probably won’t. Heck, I barely read the books that I actually spend money on. Top 100 – Project Gutenberg

Dish Network Remotes

I’ve had a Dish Network receiver for, well, for a long time. Probably for eight or nine years now; I got it pretty soon after moving into the house here in Santa Clara and have had it ever since. Initially we liked them because they carried the Comedy Channel ( which eventually became Comedy Central ) and a couple other channels which the other satellite service didn’t. I’ve got a receiver downstairs which the Tivo uses exclusively, and a couple others up in the attic which get controlled with the UHF remote controls. The RCA output from each of these goes into a doohickey which puts each one on a ‘real’ channel ( in the 90 – 99 range ), and a coax cable runs to all of the TVs in the house. That way, I can tune any TV in the...

I could never make anything cool in Lego.

Certainly not cool like this. As I recall, I use to make a lot of box-like things, and space ships, and crap like that. Dice Generator – GamesByEmail

I am going to print me up a million of these…

Hasbro and then I’ll be totally rich.

Turkey Day

We had folks over today — Jim, and Paul, and John, and Barbara. We were suppose to all go over to Pete and Carolyn’s, but they cancelled when they thought that nobody was going to come over. Near as I can tell we’ve done Thanksgiving with Pete and Carolyn, and Jim, and Loretta and I for the past 13 years, except two years ago just after Kelley was born and Pete and Carolyn couldn’t make it. So, everyone but Pete and Carolyn ( and Neil and Kelley ) came over. Dinner was around 4pm, except we actually got it onto the table around 5, which isn’t that bad time-wise. Loretta and I made the turkey ( deep fried! ), stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and the rolls. Jim and Paul brought an apple pie and a corn side dish; Barbara brought...

Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

I’m trying to do stuff with Ruby. I should really learn this Ruby on Rails stuff. Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials