Cubano sandwich @ Mama’s Latin Cafe

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Also Cuban coffee and sweet plantains.

Pre-JCC5-2: Finding my stride

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This morning, when I went into the fitness center at the hotel, the cycle was already in use. I did a rotator cuff warm up while I contemplated what to do. Eventually, I decided that I would try the elliptical strider. It did take a while to get the hang of it: moving quickly enough, where to put the towel, how to drink water, etc. But I did get the hang of it, and now my exercise repertoire is bigger. I finished with some other arm exercises, such as curling and overhead lifts.



Pre-JCC5 workout 1

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When we stayed at the Embassy Suites last year, I was pleased to learn that the gym there had all of the things that I needed. Once again, we’re on the same floor as the gym, so there’s really no excuse. I got in a full 40 minutes of cardio on the recumbent cycle before working on various strength exercises. When I’m at Accessible Fitness, I am positive I will remember all of the exercises there for my trip. However, once I’m in the gym here, I forget half of them. ^_^;; Regardless, it is mostly important that I work out!


Veggie omelette @ Joe’s Cafe

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I added bacon to it.


E-Spot Cobb @ Embassy Suites

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Breakfast for Dinner @ Steins

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Honey mustard waffle, pork belly, 5 minute egg, gravy

Kettlebell FTW

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Going to the routine today, I discovered that the kettlebells I carry for the farmer carries are 50 pounds each! Also, I’ve been doing kettlebell swings with 65 pounds!

#sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness #happybirthday2me



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I arrived late, so after warming up and doing the main rotation of exercises, I had to finish by myself. Warm-up was the rotator exercises. The main set featured my arms: pulldowns flies and pull-ups. Then I alternated tackleblock pushing, and rope pulling. The part I did myself was all core: glute bridge, leg lifts, and rise-and-shines.

#sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness


Buffalo filet @ Ted’s Montana Grill

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Now with husband!

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Keith and I realized yesterday, that it would be super easy for him to come to the gym with me on the mornings that I don’t have Brian. Then we would work out together, and he would walk to work. this morning we actually did that. Yay!


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