Cats & dogs

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Rotators and core. Cat back, dog back, & transverse leg lifts.

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When is a goat not a goat?

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Birria platter @ Doña Maria. Except it’s beef, not goat.


Dual appetizer lunch @ Gumba’s

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Bay shrimp cocktail

Artichoke w/ mayo & herbed EVOO on a salad.


Learning to walk & chew gum

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My biggest difficulty with the class last night was all of the coordination. So, Brian decided he would help me learn to “walk and chew gum.” I needed to concentrate on contracting several different groups of muscles at once. While moving. He did keep the exercises on the simple side of complex. Though he did have to remind me several times to contract everything correctly. We did portions of rowing while lunging, and portions of lunging while rowing.

#sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness Brian is dancing around in the background. XD


Will work for grilled cheese

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Tuesday/Thursday @ Apple Fitness is Laurel’s Basic Training class. Tuesday is Off the Grid @ Cupertino Whole Foods. I can only earn fancy food truck food by cycling to class and doing the class.

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Transverse work

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Apparently, I’ve been using the wrong muscles for core stabilization. It’s not supposed to be the same ones that I use for breathing. So today we worked on focusing on the transverse muscles, so that I can breathe and do ab work. So it requires more focus on my various muscles than I’m used to. Held bridge, slight leg lifts, and planks before heading upright for taut kettle bell swings and taut squats.

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Rethinking laterally

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Yep, laterally, not literally. New exercises for rotator cuffs and lats to take advantage of a wider dimension of movement.

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Tired all over

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Rotators, rise & shines, dead bugs w/ dumbbells(!), flys, rows, farmer carries, and wall crunches. *whew*

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M’Shakaleh vegetarian @ Dishdash

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Delicious, and very filling.


Gumby legs

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Dead lifts with increasing weight, kettlebell swings, and duck walks.

Did I mention that my car is a manual transmission? #Sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness

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