Strength and flexibility

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We’re continuing to work on my core. So, rollups, glute bridge, stretching, etc. But, today we also worked on strength with Farmer carries. To work on my flexibility, we attempted to have me sit on my heels. That didn’t work out so well. I tried, though. With time, I should be able to get lower and lower towards my heels.

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Cambogee beef @ Mosaic

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Merging workouts

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Still tons of core workout including, kick outs and glute bridge. We incorporated push-ups today though, and towards the end, I was doing them at the same time as Sarah, so we did them together!

She brought in tasty goodies for her trainer Jon, but I got a sample of each one, too. Yum!
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Belmont w/ fruit @ Whispers

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Rounding out

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Starting to get back into my pre-bronchitis workouts. Still doing rotator cuff, and core, but also adding back in upper body and booty work.

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Braised oxtails @ Los Cubano’s

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Core with a side of tort…er…stretching

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Continuing to work on my core. Afterwards, Brian put me on the massage table and stretched my IT band, which was painful, but helpful. I just have to remember to breathe and relax.

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Glute bridge, straight leg lowering, modified plank, and scorpion stretches. Followed by rolling out of my IT bands.

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Mahi mahi hoisin bowl @ Islands

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Low key

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Brian and I both had rough weekend, so today we did a reasonably easy workout. I did some core stuff, I did some stretching, and farmer carries.

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