Crepes @ Delicious Crepes

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Garden for me.


Sweet works for Keith.

Borscht @ Delicious Crepes

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Stretching and arms

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I cycled to Bierhaus on Monday, which is perhaps a bit ambitious after Monday’s workout. It was over 7 miles to get there, and my butt was sore yesterday and, today. So today we mostly stretched the legs in various ways. We also worked on my upper body, including some rope work.

My hair is messy because I put it up in a clip, instead of a ponytail.
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Ricotta beignets w/ applesauce @ Bierhaus

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Lamb sausage special @ Bierhaus

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With a pint of Weisser Hell

Relieving frustration

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My bike chain slipped twice on the way to the gym. I was so frustrated! I almost hoped we would do boxing today, but Brian tries not to stack on too much cardio at once. Today we did a lot of leg stretching, and modified lunges. My left leg is so much weaker, it was super hard when it was the base leg. :( But I powered through it. Then ball slams, deadlifts, and finished with more stretching. I feel much better.

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Arm focus w/ a side of core

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Today, Brian realized that I haven’t done any slams in a while. To up the difficulty, he also had me bounce with my hips while I did it. Then he added weights to a couple of core exercises that I have been doing already. When I succeed at doing something in a harder version, I feel strong!

Hopefully, it won’t start raining on my ride home. I have not cycled in the rain before, that I can remember.
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Lobster tacos @ Pedro’s

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Seeing improvement

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Today Brian, did, and I realized it was true, that I’m doing better at my various core exercises. So, of course, he had to make them more difficult. how else will I improve? I’m happy to be able to do more.

Now, I need to tighten my bike brakes before I head out.
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Carne Asada taco platter @ Casa de Cobre

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Build your own yum!


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