Relieving frustration

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My bike chain slipped twice on the way to the gym. I was so frustrated! I almost hoped we would do boxing today, but Brian tries not to stack on too much cardio at once. Today we did a lot of leg stretching, and modified lunges. My left leg is so much weaker, it was super hard when it was the base leg. :( But I powered through it. Then ball slams, deadlifts, and finished with more stretching. I feel much better.

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Arm focus w/ a side of core

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Today, Brian realized that I haven’t done any slams in a while. To up the difficulty, he also had me bounce with my hips while I did it. Then he added weights to a couple of core exercises that I have been doing already. When I succeed at doing something in a harder version, I feel strong!

Hopefully, it won’t start raining on my ride home. I have not cycled in the rain before, that I can remember.
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Lobster tacos @ Pedro’s

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Seeing improvement

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Today Brian, did, and I realized it was true, that I’m doing better at my various core exercises. So, of course, he had to make them more difficult. how else will I improve? I’m happy to be able to do more.

Now, I need to tighten my bike brakes before I head out.
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Carne Asada taco platter @ Casa de Cobre

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Build your own yum!



Power lifts for legs (and booty)

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After warming up, I did three rotations each of deadlifts, kettle bell swings, and duck walks.

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Lift, row, & twist

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Warmed up with rotator cuff work. Segued to leg lifts, and moved to twisting and rowing on alternating knees.

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Arroz con pollo @ Los Cubanos

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With torture for dessert.

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Today included a lot of the regular stretching and strengthening exercises, including the planking. At the end, he rolled out my IT bands, which always hurts. More so today, since I haven’t had it done in a while. ;_;

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Twisting and reaching with weights to work the core. Also farmer carries.

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