Now with husband!

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Keith and I realized yesterday, that it would be super easy for him to come to the gym with me on the mornings that I don’t have Brian. Then we would work out together, and he would walk to work. this morning we actually did that. Yay!



Braised persimmon lamb @ IL4

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The gym barnacle

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The last days, so today we did a basic routine. Kettlebell swings, duck walks, deadlifts. He told me I was his strongest client. I told him that I doubted it, but I was very enduring, like a barnacle. We both like that analogy. A barnacle has to be strong to be able to stick to a ship. And it is very, very stubborn.

Ha! Goofy! #sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness


Twofer gains comfort

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As with most situations, the second day went better than the first. I felt more comfortable trying to plug in my phone and using the various accessories on my cycle. There are still details in the routine to work out, but I think next time will be even better.



Shakshuka @ Dishdash

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Prawns, eggplant, onions, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, mild curry, dry lime. With freekeh, a type of wheat.

While every dish here is delicious, I was disappointed in the proportions of the dish. Only five prawns was a little short on the protein, but the real disappointment was in the eggplant. There should’ve been much more of the vegetable, and far less of the grain. I’ll probably go with a different dish the next time I go.

Remembering to try new things.

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This summer, I had a great time working on being fit. Every other day I would ride my tricycle to the gym, workout with Brian, and ride my track home. At least, that’s what I recall.

However, all last winter, I had figured out a routine that worked around the rainy season. In order to speed up my cadence, I would ride the stationary bike at a very high rpm. Slowly, I increased the resistance.

Winter has come again, and I need to relearn that routine. So today, I went to the Apple fitness center, and rode the stationary bike there, since Brian is sick today.



Suck it up, crybaby

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When I got in today, my friend Sarah started complaining about how mean Jon was to her. So I told her to, “suck it up, loser,” which is actually a quote from a web comic I was reading last night. Truthfully, it should be “suck it up, crybaby.” Because Sarah is definitely not a loser. She is awesome, just like me.

Sometimes the trainers talk about clients who like to complain, and I refer to them as crybabies. I refuse to be a crybaby, because this is good for me. I will do this. I will not be a crybaby. I am paying these guys to help me. So, towards the end of today, when I was getting tired, I told myself to, “Suck it up, crybaby.”

#sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness


Feeling stronger!

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Today on the squat-rows I squatted more deeply than I have been able to in the past. I completed two 1 minute modified planks. By modified, it means I have two foam rollers underneath my ankles for support. A sweaty, strong, good workout.

#sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness


Check-out with “love bites”

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Yesterday I was in a car accident. my car turns over but she’s not drivable in any sense of the word.

So, today, Brian had me do a very light workout that mostly tested for injuries. Except for the “love bites” from the seatbelt, I seem to be fine. He said my hip flexors were a little tighter than usual, but everything else checked out. Seatbelts save lives.

#sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness #seatbeltssavelives


I need to remember to stretch more :(

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Today we did an abbreviated version of many of the standards. Rotator cuffs, duck walks, kettlebell swings, deadlifts. Two circuits. Then Brian stretched out my IT bands and calves with the roller. Ow.

#sweatyselfie #accessiblefitness

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