California Noodle House

This is the Pho noodle house near my place; it’s quite good and we like the family who run it. But, the coolest thing is the url they managed to snag, probably really many years back when the Internet was unknown.

Free Books. I should read some of these.

But, I probably won’t. Heck, I barely read the books that I actually spend money on. Top 100 – Project Gutenberg

I could never make anything cool in Lego.

Certainly not cool like this. As I recall, I use to make a lot of box-like things, and space ships, and crap like that. Dice Generator – GamesByEmail

I am going to print me up a million of these…

Hasbro and then I’ll be totally rich.

Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

I’m trying to do stuff with Ruby. I should really learn this Ruby on Rails stuff. Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials