Why, yes, I do use dreamhost for all my hosting services

I’ve used dreamhost.com for many years to run the vast “Keith Stattenfield” web empire.  Last I checked, I had about 70 domains hosted there, almost none of which get any appreciable amount of traffic.  For a while I used a VPS for some hosts I was more interested in making sure ran well; as it turned out that was much more trouble than it was worth ( and pricier ), and they actually performed worse in many cases than the same sites on shared hosting, but live and learn.

If you too would like to be on dreamhost.com, feel free to use either of these promo codes — KEITHPROMO1 or KEITHPROMO2.  The first one get you $97 off the first year’s services ( if you sign up for a year ), and I get nothing.  The second one gets you $48.50 off your first year’s services, and I also get $48.50.  It’s win-meh or win-win, depending on which one you use.  I don’t care; personally, I’d use the first one, but if you want me to get some cash too that would be nice.

So, if you want a hosting company, go to www.dreamhost.com, and sign up, and use that promo code, or use this link which I think works too.

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