Rather cool optical illusion; “Mr Angry and Mrs Calm”

Ian Rowland: The Mindreader, The Mind Motivator. Mr Angry and Mrs Calm


Main Page – TivoToolWiki is a great way to get recordings off your Series 1 and 2 ( I think; I’ve got a Series 1 box ) onto your Mac. I’ve used it for a couple months, and it’s a lot easier than the alternatives.

So, I’ve come to hate Moveable Type…

Loretta’s blog was done in Moveable Type on my Mac OS X server. I set it up for her before she went to Japan, so she’d have some place to post what she was doing and some pictures for me and her family, and it worked ok, as long as I didn’t do anything to touch the server. Except, I’m now trying to get rid of that server and move to my hosted server at DreamHost. Except, I can’t get the damn export from MoveableType to work at all. In fact, near as I can tell it’s trashed the database or something so bad I can’t even get the stupid thing to admit that it’s got a blog there for her at all. I’ve got a saved set of the html pages that are Loretta’s blog ( so we haven’t lost any content ); it’s...

How to tell if the Internet is healthy

I’ve been hearing a lot about this bird flu thing lately, but I didn’t think it would interfere with my porn. Internet Health Report

Jenga Tower: Sears Tower completed

This guy has a lot more time in his life than I do. Jenga Tower: Sears Tower completed